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Colorado Springs is the proud home of five military installations. We are a city that truly appreciates those that wear the uniform and carry the colors. This website is provided by New Home Connection at Top Realty Group as a resource for military personnel who are either currently stationed at Fort Carson, or will be transferring here in the future.

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An Introduction to Fort Carson Family Living and Lifestyle

Free Stuff

  • Colorado Springs lifestyle and relocation magazines
  • Relocation Information
  • New home discounts and Realtor cash bonuses

Photo Tours of Colorado Springs

Exclusive online introductory tours of Colorado Springs lifestyles and recreation.

You Will See:

  • Colorado Ski Areas
  • Fishing Spots
  • Farrish Military Recreation ResortPhoto tours of Colorado Springs and Fort Carson
  • Turkey Creek Recreation Area
  • Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Nearby Towns including Fountain, Woodland Park & Pueblo
  • Mountain Climbing, River Rafting

Fort Carson Military Interest Stuff

Fort Carson family connection

  • Exclusive online introductory tours of Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, and the Air Force Academy
  • Fast online access to four Colorado Springs military base newspapers, including the Fort Carson Mountaineer

Housing and Neighborhoods

  • Exclusive Photo Tours of Fort Carson On-Base Housing
  • Nearby Residential Neighborhoods and Many More
    (100+ Colorado Springs neighborhood tours available)Fort Carson base housing
  • Rental Housing
  • Browse 100s of Colorado Springs New Homes for Sale
  • Resale Home Search
  • Colorado Springs Foreclosures & Discounted New Homes
  • Professional Real Estate Assistance, Including Military Realtor Rebates and Buyer Incentives

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